Kanga Realty for the win…

If it were my agency, I would definitely want to know…



I’ve sold most of my furniture in the past 24 hours, and I’m not going to lie to you internet. It feels good.

I’m selling everything (selling it here as a matter of fact – buy something damnit), and while I wasn’t particularly apprehensive about it in the beginning, now that I’m seeing the past 15 years of my life get carted out the door by gleeful Craigslisters who had the balls to try and haggle with me – I’m really really liking it.

I’m starting a totally new chapter. The old one is soaking in gas, and I’m about to light a match.

Now granted - I’m a LONG way from being a minimalist, mainly because I can get there only so fast, but I”m not stopping until everything I own fits in the trunk of my car.

** Edit **
Eventually, everything did, in fact, fit in the trunk of my car :)

My Little Inkmaster

Amber is the minion I feel like I have the least influence over. Then I catch her practicing her lettering and drawing tattoo designs while we all watch one of our very favorite shows – Ink Master.


Today, as my 10-year-old lamented spending his $53 on the wrong gadget, I “joked” that he should have spent it on someone less fortunate.

“Like who?” he asked, “a poor kid”.


He sat for a second and said “Dad. I’ve never seen a poor person”.

Being reminded your problems are small is a blessing.

I love you…